Flexible Test Connectors

Specifications & Uses

Flexcon Specifications
  • Pin and socket sizes 22, 20, 16, 12 and 8 conform to MIL Spec dimensions
  • Heavy silver and/or gold contact plating
  • Bi-axial lead attachment feature provides four methods of connection:
    • 1. Barrel lead entrance with set screw in side.
    • 2. Side lead entrance with set screw in barrel.
    • 3. Banana plug terminated test lead plugs into .161 I. D. FLEXCON receptacle.
    • 4. Combination of 2 and 3 for multiple pick-off signals and voltages.
Flexcon Usage
  • FLEXCON shaft bends when subjected to accidental side loads during plug-in to prevent mating connector contact and/or insert damage.
  • Easy adjacent contact plug-in by bending FLEXCON’s shaft.
  • Completely insulated for "live circuit" testing. Safe adjacent contact plug-in even with power ON.
  • Pin contact FLEXCONS can be used as test gauges for checking corresponding size socket contact’s relative retention quality.
  • Probe 8-pin and 11-pin relay sockets with 590-12P and 590-12S.
  • Probe 7 or 9-pin miniature sockets and tubes with 620-20P and 620-20S.
  • Use 590-16S for .045 or .062, 620-20S for .036 and 620-22S for .025 wire wrapped terminal test connectors.


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