Flexible Test Connectors

Pin Type

Pin Tyle Flexcon Specifications
Type D L P Contact Plating Current Rating Bend Force
inch ±.015 mm ±.396 inch ±.0625 mm ±1.58 inch ±.001 mm ±.025
620-22P .080 2.03 2.125 54.0 .031 .787 Gold 3A 3-6oz.
620-20P .106 2.70 2.15625 54.8 .040 1.02 Gold 5A 10-12oz.
590-16P .159 4.04 2.5625 65.0 .062 1.57 Silver 10A 20-24oz.
590-12P .209 5.31 2.59375 65.8 .094 2.39 Silver 15A 26-30oz.
590-8P .260 6.60 2.8125 71.4 .142 3.61 Silver 20A 36-40oz.

Reliabile, NASA-approved FLEXCON test connectors.
Applications include: electronic, electrical and communications systems, computers, space vehicles, missiles, aircraft and other military equipment.

  • Durable yet easy-to-use design. Each test connector is good for up to fifty bends. That’s because all FLEXCON test connector joints are induction soldered, not crimped.
  • Provide accessibility without damaging pins. FLEXCON offers you three hook-up options:
    » permanent hook-up by capturing the wire down the barrel;
    » in the side, capturing the wire with a set screw in the barrel to permit stacking;
    » or in the barrel itself through an interchangeable converter on a banana plug that allows you to change sizes quickly and easily.
  • Offer a safe and easy way to patch, probe or connect into “MS/AN”, miniature and sub-miniature connectors, as well as into commercial connectors.

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